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ISoft Data Systems
Software Solutions
Specializing in industrial computer technology process and data management, legacy data migration/recovery, and custom enterprise integrations of systems.
Play Creative
Advertising Agency
At PLAY, we are the experts in building handcrafted print campaigns. We work with companies looking to convert qualified leads into sales through dynamic print campaigns.
Applied Rater
Insurance Software
Applied Systems is a leading provider of innovative insurance software and recognized as a pioneer in agency management systems and data exchange between agencies, brokers, carriers and their clients.
Presage Analytics
Analytics Software
Presage Analytics is a food safety software providing customized solutions to manage the food safety needs of each business.
Honest Policy
Insurance Solutions
Honest Policy provides tools to help consumers make informed decisions about insurance purchases. We’ve compiled easy to understand information to help you compare carriers and policies.
Reliant Studios
Video Production
Reliant Studios is a video production company specializing in helping organizations achieve their goals by utilizing creative video communication.
Maker Space
MakeShift is a community space for makers, tinkerers and D.I.Y-ers of all ages to self-educate, create and collaborate.
Nebraska Digital
Web Design/Hosting
Nebraska Digital offers a broad range of interactive solutions to help move your business where you want to go. Hosting, programming, video, photography and more.
Kathy Plunkett
Capturing honesty and emotion that allow the portraits to tell a story. Whether it is with portraits, advertisement campaigns, travel or event’s Kathy’s photographs capture more than what the eye sees.
Ground Fluor
Ground Fluor Pharmaceuticals Inc., develops new imaging agents for use in diagnosis and management of disease, and to help other companies better manufacture imaging agents for positron emission tomography (PET) scans.
Clockwork Demon
Game Design
Clockwork Demon is an independent game developer in Lincoln, NE. We believe games should ask meaningful questions that invite us to challenge who we are.
Virtual Incision
Medical Robotics
Virtual Incision Corporation is a privately-held medical device company focused on developing an advanced, miniaturized robot for general surgery abdominal procedures, such as colon resections.
Evaluation Services
Vertical track deflection measurement is cost effective, focuses on track deflection and increases the detection capabilities of existing track measurement systems.
Archangel Farm
Aerial Photography
Archangel Farm Services flies over farm lands, taking pictures with specialized cameras. The images taken by these cameras reveal the health of your crops with speed and precision.
Takamo Universe
Game Development
TAKAMO UNIVERSE is a strategic science fiction Massive Multiplayer Online game (MMO) set in a persistent and constantly expanding universe.
Rodeo Analytics
Barrel Racing Analytics

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About US

A nonprofit, entrepreneurial cooperative that supports and promotes Lincoln's ideas community.
Turbine Flats

Turbine Flats mission is to create a robust, self-sustaining, collaborative environment for small and start-up businesses to bring their products and ideas to market. Our community will provide a first home for entrepreneurs and help them focus on their business rather than be consumed with basic real estate issues that could otherwise detract from the crucial idea development stage. Additionally Turbine Flats provides basic business services such as high speed Internet access, office infrastructure, a collaborative environment with other entrepreneurs and a feeling of excitement and growth.

  • Matthew Wegener


  • Donna Gould


  • Colby Thomson


  • Lisa Davis

    Executive Director

An Ideas Community

The Turbine Flats Project provides a well rounded set of basic business services that will help guide entrepreneurs past many of the pitfalls to starting their business. High-speed Internet access, photocopying and a library of technical resources, the Idea Community helps ensure that the businesses have everything they need to plan and implement their strategies effectively.

Lincoln has often been faulted for trying to be Omaha, Kansas City, or some other Metropolis while still fighting to stay small. Turbine Flats works to make Lincoln into nothing other than the "Next Lincoln." We believe that there are a great number of resources, a healthy amount of pride, and some good-old-fashioned Nebraska ingenuity in our city. Our responsibility is to bring that all under one roof to enable, encourage, and ensure the success of tomorrow's Lincoln businesses.

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